Research Program

Find information about the hub’s priority research pillars and cross-cutting themes.

Priority Pathogens

CIEBH is focusing our strengths on developing immune-based tools that can be applied universally to any disease on the global lists of priority pathogens described by CEPI, WHO, CDC and Health Canada, in alignment with Canada’s Biomanufacturing and Life Sciences Strategy. Our particular emphasis is on developing a 100-day response to priority pathogens, including Disease X, defined by the WHO as “the knowledge that a serious international epidemic could be caused by a pathogen unknown to cause human disease.”

Priorities & Themes

Our program incorporates four priority research pillars based on therapeutic platforms that we have deep and extensive expertise to support, as well as four cross-cutting themes that will enable effective translation of these therapeutics at scale.

The integration of themes with the priority pillars will guide how CIEBH endorses multidisciplinary research projects. Specifically, we will support projects that develop immune-based approaches for addressing infectious diseases, while considering the societal, economic, and equitability elements related to the entire program of research, including but not limited to:

  • hesitancy related to rapidly produced treatments and vaccines;
  • the cost of producing, storing, and distributing therapies; and
  • equal access to vital treatments for everyone, including equity-deserving populations.

The themes should also actively promote cross-training programs for highly qualified personnel (HQP) at all levels and across all sectors. This will include personnel within the biomanufacturing industry; social sciences, health economics and implementation science; regulatory affairs; nursing; pharmacology; and clinician scientists.

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